Travel To Care

'doing your bit' to care for the world while you travel

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Travel To care (TTC) is a campaign started by a few individuals, who have realised the power and joys of a philanthropic holiday. Most of our partners receive travellers who come to share experiences. Interestingly, majority of travellers expressed their concern for the destruction of environment and cultural heritages of destinations and their willingness to ‘do their bit' to save the situation. This moral support of the travel community encouraged us to create this alternative sustainable travel model, if only to protect our communities, natural resources and cultural heritages.

TTC is poised to grow into a non-profit travel agency which is a network of eco/culture sensitive travellers and individuals and organisations involved in conserving nature, culture, art, craft, values and traditions.

Why should you travel with TTC?

A holiday need not be a selfish act of appeasing your senses. Instead it could be a wonderful and exciting opportunity to share and give back something to the world. It could be a beginning of a tremendous healing process. While you are with us, not only will you enjoy your holidays but also feel proud of doing your bit to save the world because,

When you cruise in a country boat with us, you


  1. not only enjoy the scenic beauty, but also realise the need to conserve the river eco-system
  2. not only encourage but also support a traditional boatman



When you visit groups involved in preserving indigenous classical/folk art and craft forms, you


  1. not only get a candid view but also experience of our traditional artistic life style,
  2. not only encourage but also support a process of reviving our dying art/craft traditions



When you visit our Sacred Groves and plant a tree there, you

  1. not only get glimpses of ancient traditions but also understand the need to live in harmony with nature,
  2. not only encourage but also support a process of reviving our dying eco-systems




When you meet the local community and share stories with them, you

  1. not only get a candid insight into their life and traditions, but also reveal your ideologies and ethos to them in a mutually educating process
  2. not only participate in a process that removes the inhibitions and prejudices but also recognise the meeting grounds of global values and ethos