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More than 300 visitors from all over the world visited us in the last decade, and many of them came back twice or thrice. What did they think about us?

Patricia from France who came back in December 2007 and stayed with us for a month wrote in our visitors’ book:

“and how many laughs, deep discussions, culinary advise, Naturopathy SHD training, initiation into Indian Rituals, understanding, search, a true cultural, spiritual & affectionate sharing. I deeply feel having a second family with you… there is no borders for friendly minds & Soul”


Gavin & Vina from Wales, UK visited us in October 2010, helped us in mending our garden and wrote:

“..It has been a magical part of our trip to Kerala. As I told you over dinner one night, we chose Kerala as we wanted to ‘step lightly into India and have an easy passage’. Your kindness and informative conversations have certainly helped us to begin to understand this extra ordinary country that you live in. When we arrived, we felt like we were coming home, there was some familiarity here. What you have created here is a tribute to you both. Your energies, aspirations and belief are an inspiration to all….”

Titu & Myriam from France (settled in Indonesia) representing The International Eco-tourism Society (TIES), USA & wrote:

“We were told that we will spend 2 nights in a “guest” house. But amazing old house, old couple living in harmony with nature.  Nice rooms, good food, tree house with birds, rice fields, intellectual discussions. A place to recommend.”


Kelly & Gary, photographer/travel writers from Australia, visited us during March 2012 and wrote in our Book

“What a wonderful way to finish our two week trip to Kerala and first visit to India! Nambbo & Uma, you are special people with generous hearts. Though we have known you less than 2 hours, you feel like part of our family...We have learned more about India and its culture in one day than we did in 12 days of “sight-seeing” through Kerala. We hope one day we can bring our 4 daughters to your lovely home, so that they can enjoy the food, peacefulness, Ayurvedic knowledge and of course Namboo’s wonderful tree house.”

Julie from France visited us on 26th January 2015 for just one night, but listen to what she has to stay as posted in her facebook page (transalated from French)

The family where i stayed. I am felt so that i could stay there much longer. The nature of our exchanges were very rich and i am régalée with the delicious vegetarian dishes of uma . in a traditional house, including the garden is a haven of peace, i have been able to forget A few hours that i was a tourist and enjoy life in india!Not to mention  the impromptu visit of a exhibition where an artist has made a caricature with my guid A perfect day! If i had to describe a perfect day, i think it was similar to this one.

I started my day by a representation of the sopanam school of panchavadhyam. This is a group of traditional music, including the quality of interpretation is remarkable ( even for Someone, like me, who knows nothing in music ). They have me then presented each instrument and i have been able to try me there. You are lucky, it is that the image and not the sound! Then i made a wonderful trip on a tributary of the river nyla. Children told me how since the bank, i saw how we can make a boat and i Have tried folding of palm leaves ( used for the roofs of house ). I also learned to eat with the fingers ( not that easy...).