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'doing your bit' to care for the world while you travel

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K.M.Namboodiri (Namboo), a water management professional with 45 years of experience, recognised the advantage of traditional wisdom over modern scientific knowledge in solving complex development issues. This realisation prompted him and his wife Uma to give up the trappings of modernity, and to move into a more traditional surrounding, to experience a life that is in harmony with nature. They share their 350 year old house, Kodeeri Nature Home, and their experiences of “Living in Harmony with Nature” with travellers seeking traditional life styles of Kerala.

Naduvattom, where they decided to settle down in the year 2000, is a small remote village in Valluvanad region, sprawling on either side of River NILA, in Kerala, India, once famous for its rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty. But soon they realised that most of the basic elements of traditional life/value are rapidly deteriorating even in the villages, thanks to the onslaught of consumer culture.  They started taking a proactive role in addressing these issues by direct action and associating with many such conservation initiatives.

‘Tourism’ has never been an agenda in their life. But majority of foreign travellers expressed their concern for the destruction of environment and cultural heritages and their willingness to ‘do their bit’ to save the situation. This moral support of the travel community is much more valuable to them in supporting the conservation initiatives than the money they can pay. Of course the money will go a long way in supporting their humble initiatives.

Travel to Care (TTC), has now grown into a non-profit travel facilitating agency which is a consortium of individuals and organisations involved in conserving nature, culture, art, values and traditions.


We believe that Tourism

  • promoted as an ‘Industry’ which ‘sells’ natural and cultural heritages of destinations as ‘products’ is the sole reason for the damages it is causing in the destinations
  • is not an objective but a means, if not a proactive tool, to support the process of preserving the natural and cultural heritages of destinations in its pristine form
  • can cause positive and negative social and attitudinal changes in both the destination communities and the Traveller

We also believe in Conscious Travel in which the traveller

  • is not a client, but a conscious participant in the change process
  • leaves foot prints of Goodwill, Compassion and Sustainable Living in the destination
  • is an ambassador of good causes